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Revain is a platform that will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to implement a review mechanism that doesn't require a third-party to be involved. In order to avoid the third-party involvement while keeping track of the review's quality, the Revain review mechanism will be composed of two phases. In the first phase there is a filtering layer which is applied by a machine using AI (RAF & Tone Analyzer utilities), and then a second layer is applied by the company to either decide if the review is accepted or not. This mechanism also allows saving part of a review in an RSS smart contract (Review snapshots storage) making reviews immutable.

The Revain platform, differently from other blockchains will have two tokens, the R token, and the RVN token. The R token will be used to gather funds during the ICO and to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the RVN token will be used exclusively inside Revain platform, to reward users/companies for quality reviews and to penalize those who write unconstructive reviews. A fixed value of 0,0001 Bitcoin is attributed to the RVN token, enabling RVN tokens to be converted for the R tokens within the platform. The conversion is calculated by dividing the actual price of the R token (in BTC) for 0,0001 Bitcoin and then multiplying that value by the number of RVN tokens that a certain user possess.

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